The Konstanz Seminar provides an independent platform for intense discussion of recent developments in monetary theory and policy.

Contributing to policy and science since 1970

Founded by renowned monetarist Karl Brunner in 1970, each year the Konstanz Seminar brings together leading senior academics, junior researchers, participants from the Federal Reserve System, European central banks, and international organizations, as well as practitioners from the private sector.


The conference series is financed by “Verein Konstanzer Seminar e.V.,” a charity located in Bonn. The program is organized by Prof. Dr. J├╝rgen von Hagen, and Prof. Dr. Keith Kuester, together with the members of the Verein. A wide range of contributions allow us to continue the tradition started by Karl Brunner, and of later organizers Allan H. Meltzer and Manfred J. M. Neumann.