52nd Konstanz Seminar, 2021

The 52nd Konstanz Seminar was held on September 9/10, 2021; in a hybrid format. Participation is by invitation only. The Seminar is held under the Chatham House Rule.

Current program as pdf.

Presenters and discussant:

Maarten R.C. van Oordt, Bank of Canada

Best Before? Expiring Central Bank Digital Currency and Loss Recovery (with Charles M. Kahn and Yu Zhu),

Discussant: Carl-Andreas Clausen, Riksbank

Kei-Mu Yi, University of Houston

Multinationals and Structural Change

(with Vanessa Alviarez, Cheng Chen, Nitya Pandalai-Nayar, Liliana Varela, and Hongyong Zhang)

Discussant: Carolina Villegas-Sanchez, ESADE Business School

Dirk Krueger, University of Pennsylvania

The Long-Term Distributional and Welfare Effects of Covid-19 School  Closures (with Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Alexander Ludwig, and Irina Popova)  

Discussant: Ruediger Bachmann, Notre Dame

Kurt Mitman, IIES

Why Does Capital Flow from Equal to Unequal Countries? (with Sergio de Ferra and Federica Romei)

Discussant: Edouard Challe, European University Institute

Axelle Ferriere, Paris School of Economics 

Larger transfers financed with more progressive taxes? On the optimal design of taxes and transfers (with Philipp Grübener, Gaston Navarro, and Oliko Vardishvili)

Discussant: Isaac Baley, CREI and UPF

Rubén Domínguez-Díaz, U Bonn

Precautionary Savings and Financial Frictions

Discussant: R. Anton Braun, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Kenza Benhima, HEC Lausanne

Foreign currency debt and expectations   (with Isabella Blengini and Ouarda Merrouche)

Discussant: Fernanda Nechio, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Policy session:

Speaker:                                 Rolf Strauch, Chief Economist and Member of the Management Board European Stability Mechanism

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