55th Konstanz Seminar, 2024

The conference will be held from Tuesday, May 14th to Thursday, May 16th.

Participation will be by invitation only.

Program as pdf (will follow).

Presenters and discussants:

Sarah Zubairy, Texas A&M University

Innovation During Challenging Times (with Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia and Marija Vukotić)

Discussant: Brigitte Hochmuth, University of Bonn

Georgios Georgiadis, European Central Bank

Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries and Euro Area Fragmentation (with Pablo Anaya Longaric, Katharina Cera, and Christoph Kaufmann)

Discussant: Iñaki Aldasoro, Bank for International Settlements

Wei Cui, University College London

Risk-taking with Financing Constraints (with Cong Xie and Renbin Zhang)

Discussant: Antoine Camous, University of Mannheim

Geert Mesters, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Evaluating Policy Institutions – 150 Years of US Monetary Policy (with Regis Barnichon)

Discussant: Michele Piffer, King’s College London

Ludwig Straub, Harvard University

Optimal Long-Run Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneous Agents (with Adrien Auclert, Michael Cai, and Matt Rognlie)

Discussant: Sarolta Laczó, Queen Mary University of London

Dmitry Mukhin, London School of Economics

Optimal Exchange Rate Policy (with Oleg Itskhoki)

Discussant: Martin Wolf, University of St. Gallen

Thuy Lan Nguyen, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

How Oil Shocks Propagate: Evidence on the Monetary Policy Channel (with Wataru Miyamoto and Dmitriy Sergeyev)

Discussant: Hilde Bjørnland, BI Norwegian Business School

Ryan Chahrour, Cornell University

The Forward Signalling Channel of Inflation (with Gaetano Gaballo)

Discussant: Laura Gáti, European Central Bank

Sarah Lein, University of Basel

The Granular Origins of Inflation and its International Comovement (with Santiago Alvarez-Blaser, Raphael Auer, and Andrei Levchenko)

Discussant: Erwan Gautier, Banque de France

Policy session:

Dr. Joachim Nagel,
President of the Deutsche Bundesbank