55th Konstanz Seminar, 2024

The conference was held from Tuesday, May 14th to Thursday, May 16th, 2024.

Participation was by invitation only.

Program as pdf.

Presenters and discussants:

Sarah Zubairy, Texas A&M University

Innovation During Challenging Times (with Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia and Marija Vukotić)

Discussant: Brigitte Hochmuth, University of Bonn

Georgios Georgiadis, European Central Bank

Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries and Euro Area Fragmentation (with Pablo Anaya Longaric, Katharina Cera, and Christoph Kaufmann)

Discussant: David Elliot, Bank of England

Wei Cui, University College London

Risk-taking with Financing Constraints (with Cong Xie and Renbin Zhang)

Discussant: Antoine Camous, University of Mannheim

Geert Mesters, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Evaluating Policy Institutions – 150 Years of US Monetary Policy (with Regis Barnichon)

Discussant: Michele Piffer, King’s College London

Ludwig Straub, Harvard University

Optimal Long-Run Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneous Agents (with Adrien Auclert, Michael Cai, and Matt Rognlie)

Discussant: Sarolta Laczó, Queen Mary University of London

Dmitry Mukhin, London School of Economics

Optimal Exchange Rate Policy (with Oleg Itskhoki)

Discussant: Martin Wolf, University of St. Gallen

Thuy Lan Nguyen, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

How Oil Shocks Propagate: Evidence on the Monetary Policy Channel (with Wataru Miyamoto and Dmitriy Sergeyev)

Discussant: Hilde Bjørnland, BI Norwegian Business School

Ryan Chahrour, Cornell University

The Forward Signalling Channel of Inflation (with Gaetano Gaballo)

Discussant: Laura Gáti, European Central Bank

Sarah Lein, University of Basel

The Granular Origins of Inflation (with Santiago Alvarez-Blaser, Raphael Auer, and Andrei Levchenko)

Discussant: Erwan Gautier, Banque de France

Policy session:

Dr. Joachim Nagel,
President of the Deutsche Bundesbank