53rd Konstanz Seminar, 2022

The conference is to be held from Tuesday, May 31st to Thursday, June 2nd, 2022. The first session will start at 6 pm on Tuesday, May 31st. The conference will end with a conference dinner on June 2nd.

Participation will be by invitation only. The seminar is going to be held under the Chatham House Rule.

Program as pdf.

Presenters and discussants:

Alaïs Martin-Baillon, Sciences Po

Should Monetary Policy Care about Redistribution? Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents (with François Le Grand and Xavier Ragot)

Discussant: Anna Rogantini Picco, Sveriges Riksbank

Galo Nuño, Banco de España

Firm Heterogeneity, Capital Misallocation and Optimal Monetary Policy (with Beatriz Gonzalez, Dominik Thaler, and Silvia Albrizio)

Discussant: Agnieszka Markiewicz, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Stephie Fried, Arizona State University and San Francisco Fed

Understanding the Inequality and Welfare Impacts of Carbon Tax Policies (with Kevin Novan and William B. Peterman)

Discussant: Simon Fuchs, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Kjetil Storesletten, University of Minnesota

Business Cycles During Structural Change: Arthur Lewis’ Theory from a Neoclassical Perspective (with Bo Zhao and Fabrizio Zilibotti)

Discussant: Gregor Boehl, University of Bonn

Harris Dellas, University of Bern

Public Debt as Private Liquidity: Optimal Policy (with George-Marios Angeletos and Fabrice Collard)

Discussant: Dmitriy Sergeyev, Bocconi University

Gauti Eggertsson, Brown University

The Aging Hypothesis (with Neil Mehrotra)

Discussant: Guido Ascari, De Nederlandsche Bank

Salome Baslandze, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Entrepreneurship through Employee Mobility, Innovation, and Growth

Discussant: Pau Roldan, Banco de España

Andrew Atkeson, University of California, Los Angeles

The End of Privilege: A Reexamination of the Net Foreign Asset Position in the United States (with Jonathan Heathcote and Fabrizio Perri)

Discussant: Federica Romei, Oxford University

Policy session:

Christopher J. Waller,
Governor, Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System